Inaction on the Opioid Crisis is Political Negligence

Canada is currently facing an overwhelming opioid crisis, with staggering numbers of overdoses and overdose-related deaths. For those of us who work with marginalized populations, this crisis and the inaction of politicians are all too familiar. We have seen this crisis before. We have seen hundreds of sex workers being abducted and killed in Vancouver….

The Opioid Crisis is a Palliative Care Crisis

People are dying. This is the reality that haunts me as I make my way to work this morning – to start another day as a professor of palliative care nursing. In my work, death neither surprises nor disturbs me. I have sat by the bedside of countless people as they took their last breaths….

Nursing Organizations Missed the Mark on the Opioid Crisis, Now What?

Canada is currently facing an overwhelming opioid overdose crisis, with staggering numbers that we have never seen before: Overdose-related deaths have increased 327% since 2008[1]. 6 or 7 Canadians die every day from an opioid overdose[2]. In British Columbia, 800 people are expected to die this year alone[1]. From the beginning of 2016 to Oct….